Are you sabotaging your progress without realising?

Are you sabotaging your progress without realising?

Nutrition Southampton


Are you sabotaging your progress without realising?

A common theme I see with people who aren’t making as much progress as they could be is that they aren’t consistently eating properly.

Top issues I see:

– Lacking energy because food choices could be better

– Not eating enough before training to fuel the session

– Not being consistent with nutrition – having the weekends off for example and then wondering why they aren’t losing weight/gaining muscle/getting stronger

– Believing that taking a supplement will work magic on their body composition/strength when what they actually need to do is eat proper balanced meals consistently every day so that their body gets what it needs to be healthy and change.

– Forgetting that alcohol has calories, contributes to visceral fat levels and also impacts on performance in training sessions

– Being impatient – wanting results tomorrow and going on a crash diet/following the latest diet fad that is unsustainable and causes them to give up and go back to how they ate before (the yo yo effect).

Eating balanced healthy meals, in the right amounts for your goals and turning up to training sessions consistently every week is what leads to results.

Don’t sabotage your progress. Be consistent with your nutrition and training and you will soon be achieving your goals.