Corporate Gym Membership

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Why choose our corporate gym membership?

At Pinnacle Performance, we provide many different services that we consider to be industry-leading and a first amongst peers. All are located within our cutting edge gym facility in Hamble.


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Corporate Gym Membership


What are the benefits of a healthy workplace?


* Increased employee morale, concentration and productivity

* Reduced absenteeism

* Improved company image and attractiveness to recruits

* Reduced staff turnover and more engaged staff

* Reduced risk of health problems

* Helps maintain a healthy lifestyle for employees

* Improved self-esteem and confidence

* Reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety


The standard gym membership is £49pm; however, with the new corporate packages, we look to reduce that significantly, plus an additional 3-month induction process which is coached and assisted with an application to help with the smooth transition into what is a world-class environment with exceptional coaches.


Package 1

3 Members – £29pp x 12 months = £1044 yearly


Package 2

5 Members – £25pp x 12 months = £1500 yearly


Package 3

10 Members – £22.5pp x12 months = £2700


For larger groups, please get in touch with us.


Our current corporate gym members see considerable benefits in what we do, and I would happily recommend us


You will not just be benefiting from these significant savings but are also likely to see increased revenue with staff that are more focused and willing to go that extra mile, as well as a team that has more energy and feels valued.

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Outstanding facilities

Our gym is filled with a wide range of equipment to accompany you during your session. This includes state of the art equipment, allowing you to use it at your disposal. During your free trial, one of our qualified coaches will talk you through each bit of the kit – this will allow you to get the most out of your gym experience.