Foundation Module


Section A: Introduction to strength and conditioning

The first section of the workshop introduces participants to the course. It provides a definition of strength and conditioning, discusses the benefits of strength and conditioning for paddle sport, reminds participants of the concept of components of fitness and uses the paddle sport fundamentals of Posture, Connection, Power transfer and Feeling to justify a full body approach to strength and conditioning for paddle sport. The section also highlights safety information and the benefits of a full body approach to strength and conditioning at the beginning of the athletes’ long- term development pathway.

Section B: Introduction to the exercise menu

This section introduces participants to 17 different exercises. A group task is used to apply participants’ existing coaching skills to delivering these exercises. The participants are given information regarding the key technique points of each exercise, faults that are likely to develop and how to correct them. Participants are also given time and the required equipment to try all of the exercises and ask questions about them.

Section C: Developing a safe and effective programme

This part of the course looks at how to create a safe environment and minimise the risk of accidents and injury. This section also deals with ways to make sessions and programmes effective including the need for an overall objective, and presents ways in which paddlers can be progressed as well as ways of effectively introducing the material to a new group. This part of the course also looks at different ways in which the course material can be used.

Section D: Applying the material to the club setting

This section takes the form of a group task with a review section afterwards. The group task requires the attendees to put the course material into a hypothetical real world situation and consider the best ways to use the material provided to achieve objectives in a safe and effective manner. The closing section of this part of the course explores how this material fits into a bigger long-term development picture, draws conclusions from the course as a whole and recommends further reading and resources.

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    • Cost

    • £70
    • Course Dates

      6th September 2015. – Course No. 45070


      This workshop is an introductory course so no previous knowledge of strength and conditioning or resistance training is required. Participants should however be on the pathway to becoming BCU Level 2 Coaches.

      Course Notes & Equipment List

      • Course notes and slides will be provided during the course.
      • Clothing needed is will be sports kit
      • Notepad and Paper


      If you are interested in this course please contact Andy McGhee on 07909 525022 or by Email

    Learning outcomes

    On completion of this workshop participants should be able to do the following:

    • Have an understanding of what is meant by the term ‘strength and conditioning’ and be ableto respond to others concerns regarding the safety of this activity for young athletes.
    • Understand how a full body to approach to strength and conditioning is likely to be ofgreatest benefit to paddlers.
    • Understand the potential benefits of resistance training for the young/beginner paddler.
    • Understand and be able to coach good form in a range of fundamental strength andconditioning movements.
    • Be able to organize these exercises into an effective session.
    • Be able to promote an effective and safe coaching environment.
    • Understand where the information contained in this workshop fits into the bigger picture ofa paddler’s overall development.


    Duration of Course

    1 Day approx. 6 hours