Intermediate BCU Modules

Background Part 1

This module is designed to introduce methods and concepts that are aimed at learning how to optimise efficiency and effectiveness when preparing for a performance. The module follows on from the BCU Foundation Modules; ‘Fitness for Paddlesports’ and ‘Performance Planning for Paddlesport Coaches’. It explores physiological concepts and how they apply to paddlesport, the relationship between how our body creates energy for exercise and diet, and looking at how this may change for different population groups (child to the elite). Participants will cover methods of profiling and look at how all of the above are linked and can be put into planning. Finally, there are some take away tasks to put the new knowledge into action giving plenty of food for thought!

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module participants should be able to:

  • Describe the different energy systems used by the body during exercise
  • Recognise energy systems used during various activities
  • Describe the principles of nutrition, and it’s relationship to performance (before,during, and after different types of activity)
  • Perform and devise individual paddler profiles

Background Part 2

Part 1 primarily looked at optimising performance through nutrition, part 2 focuses on activity and the person doing the activity, linking how we create energy for exercise with activity. This module begins with learning about our body and understanding how it works introducing the concept of proprioception, it then moves on to analysing the different methods of conditioning looking at relevant examples. Warm ups, cool downs, and stretching are all discussed, explained and critiqued as to when to use and not use. Scenarios of common injuries are given and guidelines as to how to manage them and more importantly the prevention of them. All of these concepts are then discussed as to how they fit into a medium or yearly plan to meet various goals.

Learning Outcome

By the end of this module participants should be able to:

  • Describe to improve performance through various types of conditioning
  • Choose appropriate conditioning exercise to improve performance
  • Recognise how to prevent and manage injuries
  • Link conditioning and injury prevention/management with paddler profiling
  • Give examples of where to access more information on each of the areas

Duration of Course

6 hours per day


1 Day course part 1 £80

2 day course Part 2 £80

Weekend course 2 days part 1 and 2 £150

Course Dates

3rd October 2015 – Course No. 45071

4th October 2015  – Course No. 45072


This course is aimed at any coach or paddler, and can be used as a required module for the UKCC Level 2 and 3 Award or as CPD. Please bring your BCU log book (if you have one).

Course Notes & Equipment List

  • Course notes and slides will be provided during the course.
  • Clothing needed is will be sports kit
  • Notepad and Paper

Course Content

Will appear soon


If you are interested in this course please contact Andy McGhee on 07909 525022 or by Email