Member Spotlight and Testimonial – Tim Adams

Member Spotlight and Testimonial – Tim Adams

My Pinnacle story

At 6”.0 tall and 68 kgs for most of my adult life and although reasonably active I wouldn’t consider myself really fit. I have been to many gyms over the years which I have disliked intensely, none of which ever seemed to make much difference to my muscle tone or health which has always been pretty average to say the least. I had guessed that advancing age and reducing testosterone in my 50’s would mean remaining a lightweight for the rest of my days. Then in 2015 I began to feel unwell, tired, and listless and then weight began to fall off me. After two years of hospital visits and numerous tests I was finally diagnosed with Lymphoma, a blood cancer. I was told that my treatment for the illness was to be a course of high dose chemotherapy over a five month period and a stem cell transplant which meant a complete reboot of my body. I had this treatment during 2017 and it took nearly all of 2018 to recover enough to feel like doing some exercise. I was now painfully thin and weighed in at around 60Kgs.  Although some of my energy returned I had no idea how I could get back to reasonable health and strength again.

Then a friend of mine recommended that I speak to Pinnacle Performance in Hamble, telling me that they were very different to your normal gym and they would be able to help me in my recovery. I was sceptical but keen to try anything that would help and so I went along and met them for an assessment. They took some measurements (very embarrassing) and discussed my goals which were pretty simple, I needed to put on weight and muscle and gain more energy if I were to recover properly. I signed up to do two trained sessions a week with Jamie and Ross and so began my road to recovery. At my first session I met Andy who owns and runs Pinnacle and he very quickly gave me confidence that I could actually achieve my goals and offered any assistance he could to help me. His friendly manner and obvious knowledge put me very much at ease.

The sessions started with conditioning and moved onto a series of training programmes carefully prepared by Jamie to suit my needs, some aerobic and some light weights, moving up the weight as each training programme was prepared for me. I was also encouraged to make regular appointments with Emma who is the nutritionist at Pinnacle. I was regularly weighed and given fabulous advice of what I should be eating to get the correct levels of protein, carbs and fats to maximise my training.

So I have now been there for fifteen months am amazed at the improvement in my fitness and energy levels. It is hard but rewarding and with the constant encouragement of all concerned I am now 72 kgs with a better muscle tone and level of fitness than I did twenty years ago.  My sincere thanks go to the Team at Pinnacle for the dedication, support and professionalism shown by them all. Most of all they are make each session fun which makes me look forward to going back each week. I am unable to thank them enough for giving me back my health and allowing me to look forwards to life with renewed enthusiasm. Pinnacle is very different from your average Gym and for anyone who thinks that gyms are all about mirrors and posing musclemen then think again. Whatever your age and fitness level or if you are nervous or too embarrassed to take that first step then call in and see them at Hamble Point Marina. It might be the best decision that you ever make.