Member Spotlight: Frances Key

Member Spotlight: Frances Key

Frances Key

On the recommendation of her daughter and one of our members, she began training with us and working on her nutrition with our inhouse nutrition coaches SBG Nutrition and @NaturalbyEmma

Frances also had a few previous injuries that were affecting her. Ultimately what was most important to her was feeling herself again as she felt that now she was in her 60s she had lost the feeling of being strong with a spark for life that she had had from a past career in the forces.


Through completing 2 coached sessions per week and 1 additional programmed session on her own, Frances has managed to lose 9kg while her fitness and strength hasdramatically.

What is most pleasing from our perspective is that the person who walked into the gym on day 1 is completely different in body and mind to the one that we see today. Her doctor could see that she was making positive changes and therefore encouraged her to continue on the right path, which is refreshing as this does not always tend to be the case.

Overtime, with consistency with changes to her nutrition, and consistency with training, her cholesterol started to fall, and she has now been discharged from her doctor.

Frances can often be seem dragging more weight around than some individuals more than half her age. Her movement quality has improved immensely from initially limping down the stairs almost on one leg to running up and down the track on one of our prowlers

Well done Frances!