Member Spotlight – James Dearden

Member Spotlight – James Dearden

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Member Spotlight: James Dearden

Do you want to make a long term commitment to health and fitness without sacrificing things you enjoy?

Perhaps social events most weekends are just as important to your health and fitness goals?

James is living proof you don’t have to drastically change your lifestyle to make some serious progress!

With that said, James is fully aware that this isn’t the optimal approach and enjoying yourself most weekends can take its toll long term and the following week on energy and performance.

James has lost a whopping 13 kg of pure body fat, going from 90 kg to 77 kg! 

Not only has he lost a significant amount of body fat, he has improved his fitness profile substantially, becoming stronger and fitter than ever before.

James is extremely consistent throughout the week, training most days and monitoring his food / drink intake which enables him greater flexibility at the weekends.

As per usual – longer term mindset/commitment trumps the short term approach all day for lasting results and James will continue making very gradual lifestyle changes to continue progressing.

Great work James!