Mobile Personal Training

Why invest in our Southampton based mobile personal training service?

1. Time Management

A home Personal Trainer can work around your schedule. Training at home will save you time in terms of there being no need for you to travel to a gym, pack your clothes etc.

2. No Equipment Needed

With home Personal Training, equipment can be brought to you, making it a more financially viable option. Alternatively if you wish to set up your home gym, a good trainer will be able to provide you with necessary support and advice to create your own.

3. Privacy and Comfort

The gym environment may be intimidating for some to walk into for the first time or they may not have found it to be the right place for them to train. Training at home can provide you with more privacy, enabling you to feel more comfortable in making those first steps towards improving your health.

4. Expertise and Education

Hiring a Personal Trainer will ensure that you acquire the correct tools to make your journey towards a better you is a well-educated and more efficient one. There is a lot of information out there, a lot of it good and a lot of it bad, Quality Personal Trainers invest a lot of time in continually enhancing their own knowledge to ensure that they can continue to evolve in their careers. When investing in a trainer you are investing in your own education in a multitude of areas, training, nutrition and lifestyle among many other areas. Quality Personal Training is more than just an hour of training X amount of times per week.

5. An Individualised Approach

Our approach is to treat every client as an individual. Upon starting your programme you will be taken through a thorough assessment in order to your levels of flexibility, mobility, strength and coordination alongside various measurements to monitor your body composition. This process allows us to effectively plan your training alongside making progressive changes to your lifestyle and nutrition at a pace that suits you.

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