Re-opening Date Confirmed

Re-opening Date Confirmed

Following the latest government announcement, we will be re-opening on Saturday 25th July! We are of course ecstatic and cannot wait to see all all returning members. We would like to take this time leading up to our re-opening to provide all members confidence that training at Pinnacle will keep you all safe, fit and healthy.

If it isn’t already obvious, we are in a far better setting than any other gym we are aware of – we are private and by appointment only, attendance is capped with vast space to easily social distance and the facility is extremely well ventilated. With this combined with the additional hygiene and sanitisation procedures we have implemented – we are ready!

Please re-read the specific changes below that we sent out a few weeks ago:

Opening Hours

Although our opening hours for the most part will remain the same (06:00 – 21:00) during the week and 08:00 – 12:00 at the weekend), access to the gym will be operating on an appointment only basis. Most of you are personal training members, so there won’t be a drastic change. However, if you are an open gym member you will now be required to book in your session via our ‘mindbody’ app, this also applies to members who wish to conduct any training outside of their personal training appointments.

Furthermore, although the building is large and spacious enough to social distance at the busiest of times, we will also be capping hourly availability in the gym until further notice. In order to do this, we will be staggering the allocation of appointments with each trainer at 15-minute gaps and only allowing 6 open gym members to book in at one time to better manage the flow or people entering the building, using the warm up space and so forth.

If for whatever reason, you are unfamiliar how to book in your sessions using the app, contact us asap – there will be no access to anyone who hasn’t booked in. Here are links to the booking in app if you don’t already have it, you’re log in details should be the same as the one’s associated with your Pinnacle membership:



Cleanliness & Hygiene

Before the covid-19 pandemic, we were in the process of making some changes to improve cleanliness and hygiene in the gym. Although many of these changes should now be habitual considering recent events, it’s easy to become complacent and forget things from time to time – please don’t become complacent! We will also be introducing a one-way enter and exit system, as detailed below in the step by step training procedure for all members to follow which will also be visible in the gym for reminders.

One additional change we have implemented, which many of our members do anyway, is the use of footwear for the gym only. If you do not have footwear for the gym only and would like a recommendation – let us know. Alternatively, training shoeless is also an option which some members prefer and is also very healthy for your feet!

The main reason for introducing footwear for the gym only is to reduce the amount of dirt trodden into the gym and keep the floor cleaner. A cleaner gym is a happy gym! See this as an additional aspect to personal hygiene, just as you wouldn’t come to the gym wearing smelly, already used or dirty clothes.

Although we will continue to use our cleaning company, we are also introducing scheduled daily cleaning multiple times of the day for staff to complete.

The step by step system below is mandatory for each and every member to follow in our quest to make the facility a clean and safe place to train, we have compiled this in accordance with government guidelines and recommendations published by the World Health Organisation. Please be respectful to fellow members and staff and always adhere to this system.

Step by Step Training Procedure

1) Enter the building during (not before) your appointment time.

2) Use the main entrance and use the hand sanitiser provided.

3) Pick up your program from the filing cabinet which is now located in the entrance room.

4) Change into your training shoes and stow your personal belongings away in an empty storage box located in the gym desk.

5) Commence your mobility routine (no use of bikes/rowers etc during warm up).

6) Report to your trainer ready to start and always conform to social distancing guidelines to the best of your ability.

7) Once finished with any equipment, clean it using the spray provided before moving on the next part of your session – including dumbbells & barbells.

8) Wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitiser between each section of your session.

9) If you need to leave and re-enter the building at all during your session, use the side door only – ensuring you wash your hands or use sanitiser before leaving and returning.

10) Leave the building using the shutter door before or at the end of your appointment time (not after) washing your hands with soap before exiting.

Remember, and still under reported in the mainstream media; the best thing every one of us can do to minimise the impact of a virus is developing our health and fitness, the evidence is clear. Pinnacle Performance truly is ‘Health & Fitness For All’, we can’t wait to help you all start or continue your health and fitness journey!

Pinnacle Team