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Running Coaching

Welcome! My coaching is broken down into the following services:

Online Coaching which gives you the guidance and support you need to take that next step.

Weekly Running Group run by Andy McGhee with coaches from Netley Abbey Runners whom we have partnered up with. This is time to have contact time with a coach and this session is on every Monday evening at 7pm.

Bespoke Running Programmes which are a no brainer because no one in their right mind wants to do junk miles!

Contact: Andy on 02380172520 / or Chris (Netley Abbey Runners) / 07715180344

Online Running Programmes & Coaching

No matter where you are in the world, we can help you with your running training. Our online running service provides you with the opportunity to follow a bespoke running programme, track your progress and get expert support and advice from our experienced online running coach.

Individual Running Programmes

Whether you want to run your first 5km, train for a sub 4 hour marathon, win your next triathlon or just get a bit slimmer and fitter, we can write a running programme just for you that will help you to achieve your own personal goals.

We have three packages to choose from so click the button below to select the right one for you.

Netley Abbey Runners

Lose Weight

Go Further

Run Faster

Injury Prevention

Train for a Specific Running Event

Improve Fitness


Track Your Progress Online

Your running programme will be uploaded to your own online portal where you can follow the plan and track your progress. We’ll also keep an eye on your activity, tweak your programme if necessary and provide you with plenty of encouragement and advice along the way.
You’ll first need to complete our running questionnaire so we can understand where you already are with your running and where you want to be. Click the button below to get started.

Expert Running Tips and Advice

You can contact your online running coach by email throughout your plan, at a time that suits you, to ask any questions you might have about your training, nutrition, any aches and pains, or race preparation.

Our view is that running without a plan is madness! You’ll gain so much more from your running if you follow a plan. Plus, if you start to achieve some milestones you’ll feel motivated to run further and more often. Here are just a few of the reasons why running with one of our online training plans will get you the results you want…

Stubbington 10k 4
Vejle European Championships 2018 Finisher
  • Benefits

    • Personalised training programmes are proven to produce better results
    • Stay focused on your own goals
    • Keep motivated with expert support from your online running coach
    • Make your training accountable
    • Achieve your goals quicker
    • View training plans via the app, wherever you are
    • Edit training plans as you progress
    • Get answers to all of your questions about running styles, breathing, technique, nutrition, race preparation, injuries and stretching
    •  Be a part of our Strava running group and be inspired by others

  • Run Smart, Whatever Your Experience

    • Recreational Runners
    • Performance Runners
    • Novice Runners
    • Experienced Runners
    • Any Runner Who Wants To Progress!

We offer online running to a whole host of different runners from those just starting out to experienced distance runners and performance pros. Whatever your experience, we can help.

Your online running programme will be written specifically for you and will be designed to help you progress and achieve your pre-set goals, at your own pace.

andrew mcghee strength and running coach

Meet Your Online Running Coach

Andrew McGhee

Owner and Founder of Pinnacle Performance. Founded in 2011. Mission to provide an elite, industry leading health & fitness / strength & conditioning coaching and consultancy service.

Andy has aspirations of becoming a speaker to help businesses, educate and motivate with his experiences of his time in the British Army, Owning a successful business and completing almost unachievable endurance challenges.

Recent Challenge and one of his greatest achievements so far is running and riding 10 back to back Ultra Duathlons from Morocco to Southampton in just 10 days, that’s a 100mile bike ride and a marathon everyday.

Le Tour Du Cash for Kids 10 Duathlons 10 Days 2040km, Run 22km – Ride 160km – Run 22km everyday.

Previously he run a sub 3 hour marathon which was achieved in Bournemouth wearing only sandals as footwear. The year prior he ran 7 marathons in 7 days barefoot style around Hampshire.

During these feats and as well as bolt on events Andy has raised tens of thousands of pounds in doing so!

Andy works as professional coach at Pinnacle Performance in Hamble a 5000sqft gym that provides coaching to all levels from Olympians, Aspiring Athletes, Youth Athletes and people that want to make a full-time commitment to long-term health.

He works with an incredible team who have years of experience in the industry. Andy works tirelessly on his business delivering strength training and running programmes.

A certified VDOT distance running coach Andy is also a Team GB Age Group Duathlete who is dedicated to his sport and the runners he coaches.

Currently he’s training towards 2 World Championships and 2 European Championships in 2020. Going forward he’s got big plans for a challenge of a life time in 2021.

Success Stories


First Time Marathon Runner

“I cannot reiterate how confident I felt considering it was my first marathon and I was going for a reasonably ambitious time. I stuck to the plan and I completed the marathon in 3 hours 25 minutes!…I’m kicking myself a little that I didn’t start the online training plan sooner – given it works out at just over £3 a week, I’d like to think that if I had made a better start with training I could have been that couple of minutes quicker!”


First Time 10 Mile Runner

“Having never run more than 3 miles before, and at a painfully slow pace at that, I had just 5 weeks to train for the Great South Run. Andy put together a progressive running programme that helped me to build up the miles and improve my speed. He was very supportive throughout the training plan and gave me the confidence I needed to not only finish the race, but smash my target finishing time too!”

Matt Dixon


“I’ve been following Andy’s training plan for 3 months in preparation for the Manchester marathon. He has specifically built the run plan around my needs. This structured run training combined with a strength and conditioning plan is definitely paying off as I clocked a 6 minute PB and a second place finish at the Portsmouth coastal half marathon on Sunday! I’m really excited to see what I can do at marathon distance now.”

Dario Burelli


“I recently completed the London Marathon (my first) in a respectable 3 and a half hours mainly down to a bespoke 4 month training plan along with personal mentoring put together by Andy McGhee from Pinnacle Performance based in Southampton. Andy is a key figure in the charity that I represented for the race, Heart UK.
Back in early January before the hard training started, Andy organised a full day’s workshop for the charity runners. This day was a mixture of class room learning and physical training techniques and tips. It was priceless to hear how professional athletes like Andy prepare and compete frequently on the big stage. It gave an honest overview of what to expect and how you can reach your own personal goals. The whole class came away inspired and Andy offered all the runners to put together a comprehensive training and dieting plan. This was an offer too good to turn down and I immediately took him up on the offer. Andy helped set me up with his tracking and training plan tools (all on my iPhone/apple watch) straight away and put together a weekly plan which he would review before the start of each week. The training was very suited to where I was each week and whether I was hitting my targets and improving. Andy kept on top of what I was achieving and set milestones in order to assess the training intensity. The training was varied which made it a lot easier to keep focussed and not get bored pounding the pavement.
Throughout the 4 months, Andy kept me psychologically and physically in top shape and come race day nailed by target time for the race. Having someone coach you remotely (as I live in London) would seem strange but we still managed to get it to work. If I lived on the south coast I would be spending my time at Pinnacle Performance’s studios and pushing myself even further! Many thanks to Andy and his team, keep up the good work!”

12 Week Bespoke Training Programme

– Email and Text Support Only

– Initial Contact Tele Con


16 Week Bespoke Training Programme

– Email and Text Support Only

– Initial Contact Tele Con


24 Week Bespoke Training Programme

– Email and Text Support Only

– Initial Contact Tele Con


Silver Monthly Training Plan

– Email and Text Support Only

– Initial Contact Tele Con

£25 pm

Gold Monthly Training Plan

– Email and Text Support Only

– Initial Contact Tele Con

– Weekly Tele / FaceTime Coaching and Consultation

£50 pm

Platinum Monthly Training Plan

– Email and Text Support Only

– Initial Contact Tele Con

– Weekly Tele / FaceTime Coaching and Consultation

– Video Analysis  / Contact time if needed

– 18/7 hour support. I do need some sleep!

£75 pm