Middle aged men have typically seen dieting as something that women do to fit into a Little Black Dress and not something that they need to be concerning themselves with.

However, increasingly they are expected to be more conscious about their body image and not to fall in to a sedentary lifestyle.

And with good reason.

With over 30% of the UK male population (aged 45-54) now obese, the way this demographic looks in the mirror is the least of their worries.

Serious metabolic disorders begin to rear their ugly heads once you head north with a BMI >30, and men are realising that they don’t want to have to deal with these issues unnecessarily.

I think this is a great article on the Labour MP, Tom Watson, who managed to reverse his Type 2 diabetes by losing a staggering 44kg in weight over the past year and how this has now encouraged his friends and peers to challenge themselves to attempt similar weight loss goals.

Mean will typically pride themselves on how good they are at losing weight in a competitive manor, sometimes trying to outdo their peers.

This takes away the perceived feminine aspect of ‘going on a diet’, something I think some men struggle with.

Is there anything in this article that speaks to you?

– Sam