I started training with Pinnacle PT a couple of years ago – in just 12 weeks I was achieving things I had never considered, learning lots and loving (most of) it.
I’ve trained with them through a pregnancy and out the other side, rebuilding myself.
12 months after having my son, I got back to achieving most of my PBs – I was pretty pleased, especially as I am regularly sleep deprived and miss the odd session. 
This week I got tested again and I’ve set a stack of new PBs, including a 57.5kg bench press, 125kg deadlift and 143.8 500m row – so thank you to Andy and Dan for putting in the effort when I may be lacking, and onwards and upwards for the rest of 2017!

Vicky Lincoln

I never thought I’d be the one to say I looked forward to exercise….but I honestly do! I have been training with Andy for a few months now and have seen the change in my strength and abilities already. His classes are varied and challenging, without making you feel like you’ve run a marathon. He not only works your body but also offers extensive expertise on diet and fixing existing injuries… the tennis ball is my new best friend :0)

Helen Rochard

Well what can I say? I have never had a personal trainer or been given any guidance about fitness and what sorts of food you should eat. I signed up to Pinnacle Performance and attended my first boot camp and have to say from the moment I arrived the personal trainers were on hand to give me advice. The work out then started, it remained fun but was incredibly intense. By the end of the hour session it felt as though I had used every muscle possible in my legs and even those ones that I never knew I had. They are brilliant and genuinely nice people and for anyone thinking about it, GO FOR IT, if I can do it then anyone can. I really think it is going to do wonders for me both with weightloss and fitness.

Zoe Smith

I have been a regular member for some time but my routine had become quite repetitive and my fitness level had hit a plateau.  During my personal training sessions with Andy he was able to tweak my current exercises to allow me to gain the most benefit from each movement. He also taught me a whole new range of exercises to challenge my body… I particularly enjoy working with the kettle bells now. After updating my routine I already feel fitter and have become more toned… and I’ve even lost a few more pounds! Thank you Andy!


I started training with Pinnacle as I felt I’d hit a wall training on my own and wasn’t making any progress. Soon after beginning my training, I discovered I was pregnant. Andy and Dan coached me safely throughout my pregnancy and I have continued at Pinnacle post pregnancy. Baby Harry is now 6 months old and I’m pleased to say I’m actually in better shape than I was pre pregnancy. I believe this is due to a combination of diet, running, swimming and of course the guidance and strength training provided by Pinnacle. I would not have achieved the results I have had it not been for the encouragement and tailor made exercise programme I received. I look forward to continuing to train with Andy and Dan for the foreseeable future.

Lucy Gruner

As a late 40′s male who has done little in the way of training for 5 years I was keen to get back into shape but felt I needed expert guidance. I met Andy late last year and started to use his services from early February. His strength and conditioning and nutritional advice are practical and spot on. I am now training 3 times a week ( once in their fantastic new facility in Hamble Point) and loving it. I feel a million times better, I’m eating a lot healthier and I have lost 6kgs. If you want common sense, no nonsense advice from professional trainers then look no further then Andy and Dan at Pinnacle, I would have no hesitation in recommending their services

Brian Linehan

Andy McGhee has been my personal Trainer now Since Oct 2010, and I have been truly amazed and delighted at his Knowledge and professionalism, and all his hard work, I haven’t needed to lose weight as such, but wanted to be strong and toned and at my age, 52, need to keep my figure looking good.  I have never looked or felt so good and I hope he will continue to train me for many years to come, I would have no hesitation in recommending him, he truly is an extremely good find. 

Christine McKechnie

Andy is always very professional personal trainer. Not only is he a trainer he is also a coach and a teacher who blends motivation, the right amount of program supervision and appropriate exercise progression that is assisting me to reaching my goal. He has excellent communication skills.  Andy is not just a motivational coach or PE teacher, but a guide, directing me towards increased health and well being.  Andy has a love of fitness and a willingness to help others, he has an understanding of the movement and functions of the human body, which he is willing to explain fully.

Jeanette B-K

I am not an athlete by an stretch of the imagination, but I love my sport, which is wakeboarding. I have a weight problem and my work makes it nigh on impossible to do the usual evening keep fit classes. I am able to train at Pinnacle at a time to suit me – 6.30 in the morning. The training has been pitched at the right level for me. It stretches me but not to breaking point. The lack of mirrors is a bonus too as I have always found that really off-putting. Since I started training with Pinnacle I have noticed a real difference – my wakeboarding has noticeably improved and I have more energy and I am sleeping better too. I am now getting nutrition advice from Pinnacle too which is really helpful. Great people, great facilities and great atmosphere.

Andy Catt

Have absolutely loved my first course with you guys, and am definitely seeing and feeling the benefits, will be booking another course, bring it on!

Caroline Clune

Having gone back to Pinnacle back in August 2017 after a two and a half year break although I was getting back into my training I really hadn’t thought too much about my nutrition. I was trying to eat well, but fell off the wagon on a regular basis. I have long working days, getting up at 5:15am and not getting back usually until around 7pm.

Following a challenge from a few friends to try and cycle the South Downs Way in one day, 100 miles off road, and a training ride over the Christmas period where I felt drained, I realised I needed to improve my eating habits as well as my training. 

At this time Sam started publishing a few articles on the Pinnacle website and had advertised for volunteers to take part in a January weight loss competition. Essentially, the most weight and measurements over the course of the month won the competition

Just after Christmas 2017 I weighed in at 110kg. 

Working with Sam initially through the challenge and then subsequently for a month he built a program of nutrition that worked around both my working lifestyle but also my training that I’m undertaking.

This allowed me to balance my meals, travel with food that could be eaten on the go as well as taken to the office. It was the variety and mixture of the meals that has really appealed, I have always enjoyed cooking, so this worked really well for me. It also exposed me to a few tricks and different things to help keep hunger at bay while eating healthily…

Constant feedback to Sam was key, initially I was quite slow with this element, on meals that were working or not and also when I was starting to get hungry and how to counter this during the working day.

Sam was able to adjust the nutrition elements to my tastes and what was required.

I have generally followed the meal plans closely, but after a good month it’s now coming easier for myself to alter diaries and eating whilst still staying within the general methods for balanced nutrition. 

By mid-April I’ve dropped down to 93kg, the majority of my clothes don’t fit anymore and I’m having to buy a complete new wardrobe. But I feel good.

But it hasn’t all just been weight loss, I am stronger as well and have increased my power output cycling and training. I’ve recently completed my first 100mile road training ride, something that I wouldn’t have achieved 3 months ago.

I have set myself specific targets that I want to achieve as well as goals that I’m training for. This is allowing me to focus on what is driving me.

I do occasionally fall off the wagon slightly but feel that I can get back on quite quickly and focus on the right nutrients for me.

Some of the keys insights into why the advice has worked for me has been around the ability to pre-prepare food in batches and store for the week, while this results in a bulk of cooking on a Sunday or mid-week, it’s not really that difficult. Also, for me, I’m finding there is a healthy balance of food in my diet… not just chicken and salad….

I will continue to take Sam’s guidance forward as a healthy way to eat and combined with the training from Andy and Dan I’m still got plenty of room to improve, but I am feeling better all the time.

Chris Lincoln

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I love training with Andy – he always pitches the sessions based on how I am feeling so it never feels stressful. He has a knack of making a session feel relaxing yet the next day I can feel muscles I didn’t even know existed!! It’s only since training with Andy that I’ve found an exercise regime I can stick to. I used to be a ‘boom and bust’ exerciser but now I’ve been training for over a year and really feeling the benefits – toned body, loads of energy and less stressed!

Jennifer Nash

When you need a real boost to your workout and a professional set up I can’t think of anywhere better! I have only had a few sessions but I can really feel my whole mind set changing to the way I approach fitness. As an aspiring professional sailor this place is second to none.

Matt Brushwood

I have been training with Pinnacle for a few months. I have been impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and scope of the training sessions. I have enjoyed the diversity of the training sessions and activities. I have seen real benefits from the training in terms of strength, stamina, speed and posture. Most importantly, I genuinely look forward to training.

Jack Davidson

You know in Mariokart how certain items give you a race-winning boost? Well, Pinnacle does just that for your fitness. Not just for one race, but for the long term. I have only been training with Pinnacle for a short time but already Andy has made a difference to the way I approach not just my resistance training, but also the regular running, swimming and yoga that I do. I’m more than impressed by the level of knowledge and experience that Andy and Ben demonstrate, the way in which they teach, guide, encourage, motivate me – but all without the archetypal image of a personal trainer standing over someone giving them grief! The newly fitted out Hamble facility is the perfect place – it’s neither the male-dominated sweat and sawdust gym that can feel so intimidating, nor is it a mirrored space full of lycra lovelies. It has all the equipment you need, Andy and Ben’s guidance helps you to get the most out of it – and importantly, it has an air of calmness about it that lets you concentrate on the workout, nothing else. I’d recommend Pinnacle in a shot, to anyone needing a boost in their fitness journey.

Jo Clark

A brilliant set up and both Andy and Dan are highly experienced and knowledgeable. The PT sessions and Physique classes aren’t just about thrashing the exercises, you are educated as to the benefits, but more importantly, how you should be doing an exercise effectively. The classes are good fun and I’ve just started a course of PT sessions. I have definitely found myself becoming stronger and fitter over the past six months. Thank you Pinnacle! 🙂

Anna Herd

This is a fantastic place to train, whether it is for fitness, weight loss, strength or any specific sport. Andy & Dan make great performance & personal trainers, creating interesting & innovative programme’s, specifically for you. The new Performance Centre is situated in a nice scenic place, and something that Hamble well and truly needed. If you want to achieve LASTING results, not just a quick fix, this is the place to train. Both Dan & Andy’s knowledge combined has created a brilliant training centre with awesome programmes … and with it … some fun!

Georgie Bartholomew

Pinnacle provide an exceptional service in that they work very effectively with your overall wellbeing, strength and conditioning. If you are looking for a results guaranteed fitness programme that is easy to follow and someone to support your fitness goals, then come and see Pinnacle in Hamble – they will tailor a programme to your needs and work with you on an ongoing basis to help you achieve your goals.

Rachel Foulkes

My daughter and I have been training with Andy for the last 6 months and have been very happy with his reliability and advice. We have seen amazing results as he is so enthusiastic and is always coming up with new methods and routines.

Louis Nash

After weeks of training on my own I couldn’t see any improvement. I was recommended to try Pinnacle. Andy was a great help and got my training on the correct path. I’m very impressed with the advice and guidance I was provided. Would definitely recommend!!!

Bass Jenkins

“At this time last year, I decided I needed to get fit. I’m no good at the gym, as I need someone to spur me on and motivate me. I hadn’t done any cardiovascular exercise for a long time, so was a little apprehensive. I had a flyer through my door for Pinnacle Performance & Training’s “Boot Camp fitness”, so decided to give it a try. I turned up for the first session, a little bit nervous, but as soon as I met Andy, he put me at ease, along with the other people there.

I managed (to my surprise) to almost keep up with everyone on the exercises and games that Andy set us, and most importantly, I had fun. A couple of days after that first session which was on a Tuesday, I was really stiff  – even getting out of the chair was painful, but I persevered and went to the Thursday class. Each time I went, things got a little bit easier.

Andy is encouraging, patient, and not only tells you how to do the exercises properly, but tells you why you are doing them.

My favourite thing about Boot Camp is that each session is different to the next, so I don’t get bored. We skip, box, run, do circuits, squats, lunges, play games, do ab work, self massage with tennis balls, and end each session with a good stretch. In the summer months, we venture out on to the field and work out there. The classes are attended by men and women of all ages, and everyone is really friendly and encouraging.

A year on, and I can definitely say that I’m fitter (I really notice how I can recover quicker from being out of breath), more toned, and I can hold a plank for a minute without collapsing, and dare I say it, have even come to enjoy the slapping!”

Helen Parkinson