Yoga Classes

Grant Cartin

Grant Cartin

This is not your regular yoga class!

I have practised many styles of yoga, from soft yin style to vigorous styles such as Ashtanga. The style I offer people is the one which suits them best.

I draw upon almost 20 years of experience in Health and Fitness, working not only as a Yoga teacher but also a Sports Therapist and Corrective Exercise Specialist. From this, I place a strong focus on the therapeutic benefits of poses, structuring sessions to help overcome aches and pains, release restrictions and ultimately leave people with the increased feeling of health and vitality that we all come for.

For many of us finding inner enlightenment sounds great but generally, we’d settle for finding our toes, so the idea of simply turning up at the back of a packed yoga class and trying to keep up can be a challenging and daunting experience.

Some of the thoughts that crossed my mind in my first busy classes were along the lines of;


“hang on a minute, can’t we just stop for a minute and have a chat about this”


“a little extra time and attention to make sure I’m doing this right would be nice about now”


“Seriously, that’s not normal, how on earth do you expect me to get my body into that shape”


Although there may have been a few more expletives in there too! Having benefited from this experience I’ve seen the same feelings on the face of so many others over the years.

Instead, I keep all group sessions small, ensuring everyone gets the attention, pace and structure they need.

I also offer a specialised process for beginners yoga to help anyone who wants to bypass that type of experience and move straight into finding pleasure and results in the yoga experience. These small groups run in 4-week blocks. They are designed to help work through common yoga poses, building your foundation of knowledge, abilities and ultimately connecting them all into a flowing yoga practice.

Keeping things small and personal also allows me to offer greater flexibility to session timings so email to find out about becoming part of a session that best suits you.